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Currently, we have Beveren breeders throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other countries.  Within the United States, breeders are located within the states of California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin.  

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The following is a list of Beveren rabbit breeders. Beveren breeders who wish to be added to this list, please email our club secretary, Meg Whitehouse at [email protected] with your information to be listed.

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Bloomfield Bunnies

Northern California

Beveren (Black, Blue, White), Blanc de Hotot,

Lilacs and Dutch (Blue, Black, Chocolate) 

[email protected]

Constellation Rabbits 

Located in Copperopolis, CA

Beverens, Lilacs, Dutch, Palominos, Thriantas

Contact Jerry Harmon at PO Box 524 Copperopolis, CA 9522

[email protected] or 209-614-255

Jabberwocky Rabbits

Ripon, CA

All Colors of Beverens


[email protected]

Trickster Hares Farm

Located in Occidental, CA (Northern California)

Beveren (White, Blue), Belgian Hares (Tans), Blanc d'Hotots,  

Harlequin (Japanese & Magpie)

Contact Mardi Storm at [email protected] or 415-515-7995


JCL Rabbitry

Easton, CT (1 hour North East of NYC)

Beveren (White, Black & Blue)

 Jamie & Craig Lucca

email: [email protected]

home: 203-852-9254


Suwanee Creek Family Farm

Located in Northeastern, GA

White Beverens and American Chinchillas

Contact Amorette Hailey at [email protected] 

or 770-298-6566



Pixie Dust Rabbitry

Located in Marsing, Idaho

Beverens of Blue & White varieties

Contact Rebecca at [email protected]



Calloway's Silver Barn

Located in Central, Indiana

Beverens (Black, Blue, White, Chocolate)

Contact Kim Calloway at [email protected] 

or 765-659-4906


H&N Rabbitry & Caviary 

Location: Northeast Cedar Rapids

Beveren (Black & Blue), Colored French Angoras, 

Texel Cavies, and Tan American Cavies

Neill and Hannah Dunlap at [email protected]

Welch Rabbitry

Located in Iowa near Cedar Rapids.

Beveren (Blues & White), Blanc de Hotots and English Spots

Corely Welch at [email protected]



Trieb Tribe Wabbitry

Located in Wamego, Kansas

Beverens (Blue, White), Rhinelanders, 

Himalayans (Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac), 

New Zealands (White, Red), 

Satin (Broken, Chocolate, Copper, Red),

Rex (Black, Black Otter, Blue, Broken, Castor, Chinchilla, 

Lynx, Opal, Red, White)

Contact William/Annette at [email protected] 

or 785-456-2080



Brighton Farms

Located in Central, New Jersey

Beverens (Black, Blue, White), Belgian Hares,

Giant Chinchillas, Thriantas

Contact Chris/Meg Whitehouse at [email protected] 

or 732-547-7404



Fire Valley Rabbitry

Located in Erin, New York

White Beverens, Thriantas, Rhinelanders,

Mini Lops, & Champagne D'Argents

Contact Danielle VanSlyke at [email protected]



Reilly's Rabbit Ranch

Located in Northeastern, Ohio

ARBA Judge/Breeder of Show Quality Rabbits

Beverens (Whites Only)

Netherland Dwarfs (Otters Only)

Contact Kattie Reilly at [email protected]

or 440-655-6466



Rising Phoenix Rabbitry

Located in Middle Tennessee

Beverens (Blue, Black), Himalayans, and Polish

Contact Andrea Roob at [email protected]



Raidan's Rabbitry

Located in Washington state

Raising Blue Beverens

Contact via email at [email protected]

Seawind Rabbitry

Beverens (Black, Blue, White), Creme d'Argents, 

and Champagne d'Argents

Contact Annie Wilson via email at [email protected]


Honey's Bunnies

Located in Susses, Wisconsin

French Lops, Mini Lops, Cinnamons, & White Beverens

Contact Gus/Maggie Weigel at [email protected] 

or 262-894-3647


Round Da Bend Rabbitry

Located in Clintonville, WI

Havanas and Beverens (Black, White)

Contact Tanya Zimmerman 

at [email protected] 

or 715-823-5020

Rascally Rabbits

Located in Wisconsin

Black, Blue, and White Beverens

Contact Mindy at [email protected]

or 715-937-1310